Addie Graphic

Ch Raszuli Adalida L'Amerrage FCh, JC

 January 19, 1999 - December 19, 2006


What can I say about Addie? WOW
Addie stole hearts and stomped on them if she felt frisky.

Adalida, I'd walk through the hurricane
To stand beside ya sweet Adalida I'd swim the Ponchartrain

Photo by Shot On Site

Photo by Shot On Site

Above photos courtesy of Shot On Site

She is our first Dual Champion completing her ASFA Field Champion title in 2001.
She thrilled us by winning the Haseeb Memorial Trophy at the 2001 International Invitational and the Region 5 Invitational AmunRa Cup. Addie held the #15 ranking for ASFA in 2001 with minimal competition.

Addie 4 years of age

Words cannot express the emotion because she is not here and she should be.
Addie left us all too early because of hemangiosarcoma.

Sleep, my princess, sleep