Ch Raszuli Life With Mikie, CGC, JC

 April 22, 1998 - September 1, 2005

 Mikie in NM, September 05

One accomplishment came without a title, a medallion, or a ribbon. He went hunting at six years. Mikie ran "as if he had been doing it all his life"! After returning home, he brought with him an elated aura, as if he had fulfilled his destiny. He shared his happiness with everyone around him.

Photo of Mikie in the field

Photo of Mikie in IL fields

He was mans best friend, teacher, and a canine leader

Photo of Mikie showing respect

Remember when you were young
You shone like the sun
You reached for the secret too soon
Wish you were here

Mikie unexpectedly died from Cardiac Hemangiosarcoma